Invite unicorns to your salon!

Invite unicorns to your salon!

According to Indigo, professionalism must go hand in hand with genuine joy resulting from the work done. That’s why we’ve created for you a gadget that will be an invaluable helper for every nail artist and has the superpower of evoking a smile! It’s time to invite unicorns to your salon!

Unicorn-shaped dust brushes

Specially for you we’ve combined the functionality of a dust brush necessary in the work of every nail artist with the fairy-tale charm of unicorns! We offer 3 models of this charming and practical gadget:

Unicorn brush white

Unicorn brush dark blue

Unicorn brush rainbow

Which one do you like the most? Or will you take all of them so that they don’t feel lonely?

Thanks to their ergonomic shape, the unicorn-like dust brushes from Indigo perfectly match the shape of the hand. Working with them is a real pleasure. A smile will appear on the face of every customer when they see one of our sweet unicorns!

Bring some magic into your salon… after all, you are an enchantress who can conjure up real wonders on nails. Cooperate with the unicorns!