Why Mineral Base is the best product you can have in your salon.

Why Mineral Base is the best product you can have in your salon.

Mineral Base has rocked our world in providing a quick and long lasting gel polish manicure.

Other nail brands have quoted that their rubber base is the only product of it’s kind available in the South African market. We can proudly say that our mineral base is an improved version of traditional rubber base.

And this is why!

-Mineral Base creates a long lasting and strong nail enhancement.

-Mineral Base is a base, colour and top in one. Making it a quick application method.

-Mineral Base has added minerals that helps the nails grow stronger and healthier.

-Mineral Base has self leveling properties that eliminates or reduces filing.

-Mineral Base is available in a range of fabulous colours.

For an alternative to a coloured base there is our beloved Protein Base which has won numerous awards worldwide.

What is the difference between Mineral and Protein base.

-Protein Base is a clear gel

-Protein base has a thicker consistency making sculpting and creating an apex possible with less layers.

-Protein base is a strong and hard gel whereas Mineral Base has a bit more flexibility, but also creates a strong nail.

-Mineral Base is great for beginners due it’s self leveling properties.

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