The difference between Gel Polish and Reinforced Gel Polish.

The difference between Gel Polish and Reinforced Gel Polish.

Have you ever wanted to get your nails done with a quick overlay but didn’t know what service to request? Or you’re a nail technician and are still unsure what the difference between gel polish applications are. Please read on, this article is for you!

It is equally important to know what type of gel polish service to choose as a client or to suggest as a nail technician. We will try not to get to technical about it.

Gel Polish – Gel Polish is used for the sole purpose of adding long lasting colour to your natural nails. It can’t be used as a method to lengthen or strengthen the nails. It is therefore quite similar to nail polish but with the exception of wear time. If you like the look of a nail polish but need a longer lasting option then this is the service is for you. 

What is the pro’s of Gel Polish?

  • quick application
  • quick removal
  • no chipping or lifting of colour if applied correctly
  • very thin application
  • vibrant colours without staining or fading

What is the con’s of Gel Polish?

  • can’t be used on very weak nails
  • can’t lengthen the natural nail
  • not intended to add strength 
  • can’t do nail shape correction – the nail shape you have naturally, is the shape you will keep for example concave nails
  • not suitable for very long nails

Reinforced Gel Polish – With innovation and technology we are now able to provide the same kind of service with added strengthening properties. Like gel polish, we can also create the same service but with the added benefit of also creating a stronger nail.

What is the pro’s of Reinforced Gel Polish

  • you can add length (great to quick fix a broken nail)
  • adds strength, so that weaker nails no longer break like they used to with gel polish
  • some has added ingredients like proteins and acts as a treatment for nails
  • nail shapes can be easily corrected, resulting in a more beautiful stronger shaped nail
  • you can still use the same artistic methods as with gel polish

What is cons of Reinforced Gel Polish?

  • it may take longer to apply and remove
  • a thicker consistency might result in thicker application, especially if the natural nail shape requires a bit more product

Indigo provides an extensive range of extremely durable Gel Polish and Reinforcement Bases.

Gel Polish Bases: Base Removable (traditional base), Liquid Base Removable (extra thin base), Ultra Strong Base (for problematic nails).

Reinforced Gel Polish Bases: Protein Base (award winning, super strong treatment gel), Mineral Base (3in1 treatment gel, base/colour/top, treatment gel), Cover Very Cool (strong base, coverage, 2in1, base/colour)

If you would like more technical information please comment or pop us an email.

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