Training with Indigo South Africa

By training with Indigo South Africa you will have complete access to the winning technique developed by Indigo International. Indigo instructors had an international competition winning streak and has titles flowing in continuously. Be part of the Indigo winning team by completing one of our courses. With completion you will be awarded with an Indigo International certificate and you will be able to work as a qualified nail tech in numerous countries.

What skills will you acquire with training?

  • You will be able to do application safely and hygienically
  • You will understand how to create a strong structured nail
  • You will be able to create nails that are durable and long lasting
  • You will be able to do a perfectly manicured cuticle without big spaces between nail and cuticle (Russian style)
  • You will learn the correct structure of the different shapes
  • You will be able to achieve the correct nail shape with different types of natural nail beds.
About Indigo SA

After your course you will have access to a qualified nail instructor to help with any technical issues you might still have. You will also have access to a product specialist with any questions or concerns about products.

Indigo South Africa also offers business training, frequent trend meetings and workshops.

Being an exclusive Indigo salon or nail tech you will have access to many value added services that will ensure you always have the support to be extremely successful in your endeavour as a nail professional.